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2016 AD LC Zone Team Information

AD Long Course Zone Team Athlete Information Package
Includes; Zone Letter, Zone Team Application and Zone Team Code of Conduct,
AD Travel Policy and Hotel Reservation Information
AD Long Course Zone Team Coaches Application

AD 2016 Long Course Zone Team Applicants

AD 2016 Long Course Zone Team Best Times
Note: If you participated in a LC meet which is NOT listed in the meet report on the AD Best Times Page
Be sure to notify the Sanction/Times Chair. Send an Email with the Host LSC, Meet Date(s) and Meet Name.
Do not send result files, reports, etc.
All results will be obtained directly from recorded results in SWIMS.


Please Note: The AD Best Times file is used to generate the Zone Team Best Times report.
ALL AD meets are included in the AD Best Times file.
Out of District meets are included ONLY when the AD Sanction/Times Chair
is notified that AD swimmers participated in those Out of District meets.
If you participated in an Out of District meet NOT Listed in the Meets included report on our Best Times Page
you must email the AD Sanction/Times Chair with; Host LSC, Host Club, Meet Name and Meet Date(s).
Please do not send meet result files ... results will only be obtained directly from SWIMS.