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See "Officers" Page for current Adirondack Safe Sport Coordinator
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Non-Athlete Membership Requirements Checklist
USA Swimming Coach Requirements and Education/Certification Courses Accepted
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Keeping Kids Safe in Youth Sports

In addition to the Athlete Protection Training for Registered Non-Athlete Members, 
there are FREE SafeSport Training Courses Available for Athletes and Parents.

Both of these programs can be found by clicking the link to Initiate the APT below.

Click Here to Initiate the Athlete Protection Training (APT) Online Course
You MUST have a SWIMS Record (registered, present or past) before you can initiate the APT
ALL Non-Athletes (coaches, officials and other non-athletes) MUST Complete the APT Training and Exam
There are a series of APT courses, which must be taken in order, annually.
USA Swimming Athlete Protection Brochure
USA Swimming Athlete Protection Club Mailing

USA Swimming Protecting Athletes

Click Here to Initiate a Criminal Background Check (BGC)
Anyone may initiate a Background Check ... a SWIMS Record is Not Necessary

Type of Check                                                                                 Fee          
New                          ALL Non-Athlete Members                  $36.50
Renewal*                 ALL Non-Athlete Members                  $18.00
Background Checks are good for 2 years, expiring on the end of the month , corresponding to the month taken
*Members will have a 30-day grace period in which to initiate a Renewal BGC after their current BGC expires.
Please Note, once the BGC has expired, the member is Invalid until the BGC renewal is completed.
If renewed within the 30 day grace period, everyone uses the Renewal Option.
Once the 30-day grace period has expired, everyone must "start over" with a New BGC.
This means that you will have to pay the full $36.50 BGC instead of the $18 renewal rate.
Criminal Background Check Program Summary

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