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Currently Registered and Certified (Valid) Coaches by Club
The above report contains ONLY Coaches who are Current and Valid USA-S Members.
If your name does not appear on the report, you are NOT a valid member of USA Swimming.
Check your USA-S Coach Card for expiration dates of your non-athlete and coach requirements.

Main Coaches Page - USA Swimming
USA Swimming Coach Requirements and Education/Certification Courses Accepted
Instructions on how to access the Red Cross online STSC test

Link to Take the STSC Test

STSC In Water Skills Assessment Form
Background Screen and Athlete Protection Training

Link to Foundations of Coaching Exams

New Coach FAQ's
AD Coach of The Year Program

Clarification of Changes for Assisting Coaches at Practice
Racing Start Checklist Form


Note on Foreign Coaches attending USA-S Sanctioned Meets

Accessing Your USA-S Club Portal
Available Club Portal Reports

Meet and Times FAQ's

Request for Observed Meet Times to be Loaded to SWIMS (Replaces Form C)

Attention Coaches, If you have left a Club and/or Joined a New Club
You MUST Notify the Adirondack LSC Registrar for a Transfer (note via email)
Your Club Affiliation Must Be Changed in SWIMS
There is no Fee or Waiting Period for Non-Athletes to Transfer Clubs

Registration Information Can be Found
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